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Pa Wars 

The Ngatiporou Inter-Marae Sports Day (or Pa Wars) is held on January 3rd every year. It is generally held in Ruatoria at Ngata College. 

Since 2018 Rāhui has combined with Kaiwaka and Putaanga Marae. This has been a very successful venture for our three marae and has enabled us to be more efficient and the financial outlay are every three years for each marae. 

2018 Rāhui, 2019 Kaiwaka, 2020 Putaanga, 2021 Rahui, 2022 No Pa Wars held, 2023 Kaiwaka. 

2024 our Marae will combine under Rahui, and the following year under Putaanga.

Checkout the facebook page for updates  PA WARS 2023 - Rahui Putaanga Kaiwaka

Rāhui Marae Complex

Rahui Marae was closed during Covid-19 but we were the base Marae for Welfare and all parcels of food were distributed from here.

Since this site has been updated there have been a few major renovation projects and improvements.  

Rāhui Marae has had some beautification since the last update. We were successful with our application to PGF and this enabled us to complete some much needed work. We were able to concrete in front of Rongomaianiwaniwa and also between her and Tawhiwhirangi Hall.

Our main driveway from Rangitukia Rd up to the front of the marae has been sealed by Blackbee Contractors. They also managed to improve our road at the back entrance to the marae. 

Paki Dewes and his EIT students built a deck and some tables and chairs facing the Kohanga Reo. 

We appreciate all the mahi that has been completed by our contractors and also our continued support and ongoing mahi by our committee and dedicated community volunteers. We are deeply indebted to all of you who come and support, in whatever capacity.

Ahi Kā

We at home are constantly trying to find ways to build capacity on our Marae. We have one Kaumātua for our Paepae and he is joined by those from other Te Riu o Waiapu Marae. Sometimes it is difficult to fill this role. Another role is the Kaikaranga. We have lots of people who can wash and dry dishes and set tables but when it comes to "doing the mahi in the front" people shy away - even those who have Te Reo.

How do we manage this? We all know that this is a far different realm to "the back." How do we dispel that fear that people have? Do we wānanga? Is this going to make a difference? We need to come up with a strategy where our marae is once again the vibrant place it used to be. Any ideas will be welcome.

AGM Notice

The Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday 20 August 2023, 11.00 am, at the Marae.


  1. Minutes of meeting 
  2. Financial Report
  3. Chairpersons Report
  4. Marae Charter

Marae meeting will follow AGM

For further information email info@rahuimarae.co.nz

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